I contacted Mr. Michael Elkins to help me negotiate a severance package after being laid off from my company.  I began correspondence via e-mail and Mr. Elkins was extremely responsive (even on a Friday afternoon and while he was on vacation).  I then went through a quick phone-based intake process with lots of questions about my experience that took about 30 minutes.  He explained that this allowed him to gain as in depth an insight into my situation as possible.  After that, he asked me for some documents and scheduled an appointment for me to speak with him again the following week once he had a chance to review my documents. During our roughly 1 hour follow-up conversation, he offered me a suite of services and the best idea of how to best move forward.  Because my case was actually pretty simple, he was able to give me basic advice and send me on my way without charging me for anything. (Note: I was not aware that I would receive advice for free until the end of the process). I strongly recommend Mr. Elkins!!

Rob Keeler

Michael Elkins’ advocacy… [was] essential to the discipline success. This decision affirms all of that, but it is also a special recognition of Michael’s outstanding work. He is a superb labor attorney. We are fortunate to have him on [our] team.

Municipal Client

Honestly can’t think you enough for your council and support during the craziest time in my career. Thank you for keeping my best interest as number one and giving me the knowledge to move on. I learned so much from this experience but one of my biggest takeaways is to find someone that represents myself and my goals – you did exactly that!

So thankful our paths crossed.